Minnesota Sports Championship Team Appearances

Minneapolis LakersMinnesota TwinsMinnesota VikingsMinnesota North Stars

Total Number of state appearances: 15

Record: 7 / 8

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Year Winner Loser Sport
1991 Minnesota Twins Atlanta Braves MLB
1991 Pittsburgh Penguins Minnesota North Stars NHL
1987 Minnesota Twins St Louis Cardinals MLB
1981 New York Islanders Minnesota North Stars NHL
1977 Oakland Raiders Minnesota Vikings NFL
1975 Pittsburgh Steelers Minnesota Vikings NFL
1974 Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings NFL
1970 Kansas City Chiefs Minnesota Vikings NFL
1965 Los Angeles Dodgers Minnesota Twins MLB
1959 Boston Celtics Minneapolis Lakers NBA
1954 Minneapolis Lakers Syracuse Nationals NBA
1953 Minneapolis Lakers New York Knickerbockers NBA
1952 Minneapolis Lakers New York Knickerbockers NBA
1950 Minneapolis Lakers Syracuse Nationals NBA
1949 Minneapolis Lakers Washington Capitals NBA


Minnesota has a rich sports history and is home to teams in several major professional sports leagues, including Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football League (NFL), the National Hockey League (NHL), and Major League Soccer (MLS). Here's a detailed summary of the sports history in Minnesota for each of these leagues:

1. Major League Baseball (MLB):
Minnesota is home to the Minnesota Twins, an MLB team established in 1901 (originally as the Washington Senators before moving to Minnesota in 1961). The Twins have had periods of success and have won multiple World Series championships, including titles in 1924, 1987, and 1991. The team has had notable players like Harmon Killebrew, Kirby Puckett, and Joe Mauer. The Twins play their home games at Target Field.

2. National Basketball Association (NBA):
Minnesota is home to the Minnesota Timberwolves, an NBA team established in 1989. The Timberwolves have had ups and downs throughout their history but have showcased notable players like Kevin Garnett, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Kevin Love. While the team has not yet won an NBA championship, they have brought excitement to the state and have a loyal fan base. The Timberwolves play their home games at the Target Center.

3. National Football League (NFL):
Minnesota is represented in the NFL by the Minnesota Vikings, a team established in 1961. The Vikings have a storied history and have had consistent success in the league. They have won multiple conference championships and have appeared in multiple Super Bowls, although they have not yet secured a championship. The team has had legendary players like Fran Tarkenton, Cris Carter, and Adrian Peterson. The Vikings play their home games at U.S. Bank Stadium.

4. National Hockey League (NHL):
Minnesota is home to the Minnesota Wild, an NHL team established in 2000. The Wild have been a competitive team in the league and have a dedicated fan base. While they have not yet won a Stanley Cup, they have made regular playoff appearances. The team plays their home games at the Xcel Energy Center.

5. Major League Soccer (MLS):
Minnesota is represented in MLS by Minnesota United FC, a team established in 2010. The team joined MLS as an expansion team in 2017. While they have not yet won the MLS Cup, they have been competitive in the league and have garnered support from passionate fans. Minnesota United FC plays their home matches at Allianz Field.

In summary, Minnesota has a vibrant sports culture with representation in MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLS. The Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Wild, and Minnesota United FC have all made significant contributions to the sports landscape in Minnesota, with championships, iconic players, and enthusiastic fan bases. The state's support for these teams and the passion for sports make Minnesota a thriving sports community.
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