Minneapolis Lakers NBA Championship Record

How many NBA Championships have the Minneapolis Lakers won?

The Minneapolis Lakers have appeared in 6 NBA championships. They have won 5 times and lost 1 times.
Minneapolis Lakers are located in Minneapolis. They are currently ranked #4 for most NBA Championships with 5 wins..
Year Winner Loser
1959 Boston Celtics Minneapolis Lakers
1954 Minneapolis Lakers Syracuse Nationals
1953 Minneapolis Lakers New York Knickerbockers
1952 Minneapolis Lakers New York Knickerbockers
1950 Minneapolis Lakers Syracuse Nationals
1949 Minneapolis Lakers Washington Capitals
The Minneapolis Lakers were a professional basketball team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They were one of the founding members of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and played a significant role in the early years of the league. The franchise was established in 1947 as part of the Basketball Association of America (BAA) and won five championships during their existence.

Led by Hall of Famer George Mikan, the Lakers were a dominant force in the early days of the NBA, winning championships in 1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, and 1954. Mikan's skills and dominance in the paint revolutionized the game, and he became the league's first true superstar. However, despite their success on the court, the Lakers faced financial struggles and attendance issues in Minneapolis.

In 1960, the franchise relocated to Los Angeles, becoming the Los Angeles Lakers. The move was driven by the desire to find a larger market and increase the team's revenue potential. The Lakers' move to Los Angeles proved to be a turning point for the franchise, as they became one of the most iconic and successful teams in NBA history, winning numerous championships and boasting some of the greatest players in basketball history. While the Minneapolis Lakers are no longer around, their impact on the NBA's early years and the legacy of George Mikan continue to be remembered and celebrated in basketball lore.
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