Georgia Sports Championship Team Appearances

Atlanta BravesAtlanta UnitedAtlanta Falcons

Total Number of state appearances: 9

Record: 3 / 6

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Year Winner Loser Sport
2021 Atlanta Braves Houston Astros MLB
2018 Atlanta United Portland Timbers MLS
2017 New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons NFL
1999 New York Yankees Atlanta Braves MLB
1999 Denver Broncos Atlanta Falcons NFL
1996 New York Yankees Atlanta Braves MLB
1995 Atlanta Braves Cleveland Indians MLB
1992 Toronto Blue Jays Atlanta Braves MLB
1991 Minnesota Twins Atlanta Braves MLB


Georgia has a rich sports history and is home to several teams in major professional sports leagues, including Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the National Football League (NFL). Here's a detailed summary of the sports history in Georgia for each of these leagues:

1. Major League Baseball (MLB):
Georgia is home to the Atlanta Braves, an MLB team established in 1871 (originally in Boston, then Milwaukee before moving to Atlanta in 1966). The Braves have a storied history and have enjoyed periods of success. They won the World Series in 1995, their first championship since moving to Atlanta. The team has consistently been competitive and has made numerous playoff appearances. The Braves play their home games at Truist Park.

2. National Basketball Association (NBA):
Georgia is represented in the NBA by the Atlanta Hawks, a team established in 1946 (originally in Buffalo, then St. Louis before moving to Atlanta in 1968). The Hawks have had varying degrees of success throughout their history. They made their first NBA Finals appearance in 1957 and have consistently been a competitive team. The Hawks play their home games at State Farm Arena.

3. National Football League (NFL):
Georgia is represented in the NFL by the Atlanta Falcons, a team established in 1965. The Falcons have had periods of success and have made notable playoff runs. They reached the Super Bowl in 1998 and 2016 but fell short of winning the championship. The team plays its home games at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Georgia does not have representation in the National Hockey League (NHL) or Major League Soccer (MLS). However, the state has a strong college football culture, with the University of Georgia Bulldogs being a prominent team in the NCAA.

In summary, Georgia's sports history is highlighted by the Atlanta Braves in MLB, the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA, and the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. These teams have achieved notable success and have contributed to the excitement and enthusiasm of sports fans in the state.
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