Baltimore Bullets NBA Championship Record

How many NBA Championships have the Baltimore Bullets won?

The Baltimore Bullets have appeared in 2 NBA championships. They have won 1 times and lost 1 times.
Baltimore Bullets are located in Baltimore. They are currently ranked #7 for most NBA Championships with 1 wins..
Year Winner Loser
1971 Milwaukee Bucks Baltimore Bullets
1948 Baltimore Bullets Philadelphia Warriors
The Baltimore Bullets were a professional basketball team based in Baltimore, Maryland. The franchise was originally founded in 1944 as the Cleveland Rebels, but after just one season, they relocated to Baltimore and became the Baltimore Bullets. They were a part of various leagues over the years, including the Basketball Association of America (BAA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

During their time in Baltimore, the Bullets had some success, making multiple playoff appearances and showcasing talented players. However, financial struggles plagued the team, and they faced difficulties in attracting consistent fan support. In 1954, the franchise was relocated to Washington D.C., and they became the Washington Bullets, now known as the Washington Wizards.

The decision to move to Washington D.C. was driven by the desire to find a more stable market and increase the team's chances of success. Since then, the franchise has continued to play in the nation's capital, and over the years, they have had their fair share of ups and downs. Although the Baltimore Bullets are no longer around, their legacy remains a part of basketball history, as they were a significant part of the early development of professional basketball in the United States.
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