Maryland Sports Championship Team Appearances

Baltimore BulletsBaltimore OriolesBaltimore ColtsBaltimore Ravens

Total Number of state appearances: 12

Record: 7 / 5

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Year Winner Loser Sport
2013 Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers NFL
2001 Baltimore Ravens New York Giants NFL
1983 Baltimore Orioles Philadelphia Phillies MLB
1979 Pittsburgh Pirates Baltimore Orioles MLB
1971 Pittsburgh Pirates Baltimore Orioles MLB
1971 Milwaukee Bucks Baltimore Bullets NBA
1971 Baltimore Colts Dallas Cowboys NFL
1970 Baltimore Orioles Cincinnati Reds MLB
1969 New York Mets Baltimore Orioles MLB
1969 New York Jets Baltimore Colts NFL
1966 Baltimore Orioles Los Angeles Dodgers MLB
1948 Baltimore Bullets Philadelphia Warriors NBA


Maryland has a rich sports history and is home to teams in several major professional sports leagues, including Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the National Football League (NFL). Here's a detailed summary of the sports history in Maryland for each of these leagues:

1. Major League Baseball (MLB):
Maryland is home to the Baltimore Orioles, an MLB team established in 1901 (originally as the Milwaukee Brewers, then St. Louis Browns before moving to Baltimore in 1954). The Orioles have a storied history and have won multiple World Series championships, including titles in 1966, 1970, and 1983. The team has had legendary players like Brooks Robinson, Cal Ripken Jr., and Frank Robinson. The Orioles play their home games at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, known for its historic charm and architectural significance.

2. National Basketball Association (NBA):
Maryland does not have representation in the NBA. However, the state has a passionate basketball culture, with a strong focus on collegiate basketball. The University of Maryland Terrapins men's basketball team has had success, winning the NCAA championship in 2002 and consistently competing at a high level in the Big Ten Conference.

3. National Football League (NFL):
Maryland is represented in the NFL by the Baltimore Ravens, a team established in 1996. The Ravens have made a significant impact in a relatively short time, winning multiple division championships and two Super Bowl championships. They emerged as Super Bowl champions in 2000 and 2012, with a strong defense being a hallmark of the team. The Ravens play their home games at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

Maryland does not have representation in the National Hockey League (NHL) or Major League Soccer (MLS). However, the state has a strong lacrosse tradition, with college lacrosse being particularly popular. The University of Maryland Terrapins men's lacrosse team has won multiple NCAA championships and is considered one of the top programs in the sport.

In summary, Maryland's sports history is highlighted by the Baltimore Orioles in MLB and the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. These teams have brought excitement and pride to the state, with championships, memorable players, and passionate fan bases. Maryland's support for collegiate basketball and lacrosse further adds to its vibrant sports culture, with successful programs at the University of Maryland gaining attention and loyal followings.
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