Milwaukee Braves MLB Championship Record

How many MLB Championships have the Milwaukee Braves won?

The Milwaukee Braves have appeared in 2 MLB championships. They have won 1 times and lost 1 times.
Milwaukee Braves are located in Milwaukee. They are currently ranked #9 for most MLB Championships with 1 wins..
Year Winner Loser
1958 New York Yankees Milwaukee Braves
1957 Milwaukee Braves New York Yankees
The Milwaukee Braves were a professional baseball team that competed in Major League Baseball (MLB) from 1953 to 1965. The team originated in Boston, where they were known as the Boston Braves. In 1953, the franchise moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and became the Milwaukee Braves. The move to Milwaukee was a significant moment in baseball history, as it was the first time a major league team had relocated to a new city since 1903.

During their time in Milwaukee, the Braves achieved great success on the field, thanks to their strong lineup and talented players. They won the National League pennant and advanced to the World Series in 1957, bringing the city of Milwaukee its first World Series title. The team's success helped establish Milwaukee as a passionate baseball town and solidified the Braves as a prominent franchise in the league.

Despite their on-field success and a dedicated fan base, the Braves faced financial difficulties and struggled to compete with larger-market teams. The team's owner, seeking better financial prospects, decided to move the franchise to Atlanta, Georgia, after the 1965 season. The move was met with mixed reactions, as Milwaukee fans were heartbroken to see their beloved Braves leave, while Atlanta fans were thrilled to have a major league team in their city.

The relocation to Atlanta marked the end of the Milwaukee Braves' era, but it also opened a new chapter for the franchise in a new city. The team became the Atlanta Braves and continued to build a successful legacy, winning multiple division titles and World Series championships in the years to come. Despite their departure from Milwaukee, the legacy of the Braves' time in the city remains cherished by baseball fans and historians alike.
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