San Francisco Warriors NBA Championship Record

How many NBA Championships have the San Francisco Warriors won?

The San Francisco Warriors have appeared in 2 NBA championships. They have won 0 times and lost 2 times.
Year Winner Loser
1967 Philadelphia 76ers San Francisco Warriors
1964 Boston Celtics San Francisco Warriors
The San Francisco Warriors were a professional basketball team based in San Francisco, California, that competed in the National Basketball Association (NBA) from 1962 to 1971. The franchise was originally established as the Philadelphia Warriors in 1946 and was one of the league's inaugural teams. Led by some of the game's greatest players during its early years, including Wilt Chamberlain, the team achieved considerable success, winning two championships in Philadelphia.

In 1962, the Warriors made a significant move to the West Coast and became the San Francisco Warriors. The relocation was driven by a desire to tap into the emerging market of California and capitalize on the region's growing interest in professional basketball. The team continued to be a force in the league during their tenure in San Francisco, making multiple playoff appearances and boasting some of the most iconic players of their era.

Despite their successes, financial difficulties and declining attendance in San Francisco led to the franchise's eventual relocation. In 1971, the team moved across the bay to Oakland, where they became the Golden State Warriors. The change in name reflected the team's intention to represent the entire state of California and not just one specific city. This move revitalized the franchise, and the Golden State Warriors went on to achieve even greater success, winning multiple championships and becoming one of the most dominant teams in NBA history.
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