Nevada Sports Championship Team Appearances

Vegas Golden Knights

Total Number of state appearances: 2

Record: 1 / 1

Year Winner Loser Sport
2023 Vegas Golden Knights Florida Panthers NHL
2018 Washington Capitals Vegas Golden Knights NHL


Nevada is home to Las Vegas, a city that has experienced significant growth in professional sports in recent years. While Nevada does not have representation in Major League Baseball (MLB) or the National Hockey League (NHL), it does have teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football League (NFL), and Major League Soccer (MLS). Here's a detailed summary of the sports history in Nevada for each of these leagues:

1. National Basketball Association (NBA):
Nevada is represented in the NBA by the Las Vegas Aces, a women's professional basketball team in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). The Aces were established in 1997 as the Utah Starzz before relocating to San Antonio in 2003 and eventually moving to Las Vegas in 2018. The Aces have become a competitive team in the WNBA, making playoff appearances and featuring standout players such as A'ja Wilson. They play their home games at the Michelob Ultra Arena at Mandalay Bay.

2. National Football League (NFL):
Nevada is represented in the NFL by the Las Vegas Raiders, a team that relocated from Oakland in 2020. The Raiders have a storied history in the league, known for their passionate fan base and commitment to excellence. While the team achieved success in the 1970s, winning Super Bowls in 1976, 1980, and 1983, they have been striving to reclaim that level of success in recent years. The Raiders play their home games at Allegiant Stadium, a state-of-the-art venue in Paradise, Nevada.

3. Major League Soccer (MLS):
Nevada does not have representation in Major League Soccer. However, Las Vegas has been mentioned as a potential expansion city in the future as MLS continues to grow.

It's worth noting that Nevada is also known for its vibrant sports betting industry, with Las Vegas serving as a hub for sportsbooks and sports wagering enthusiasts.

In summary, Nevada's sports history has expanded in recent years with the addition of the Las Vegas Aces in the WNBA and the Las Vegas Raiders in the NFL. These teams have brought excitement and a sense of community to the state, contributing to the growing sports culture in Nevada. While Nevada does not have representation in MLB or NHL, the state's focus on professional basketball and football, along with its involvement in sports betting, creates a unique sports atmosphere.
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