Edmonton Eskimos NHL Championship Record

How many NHL Championships have the Edmonton Eskimos won?

The Edmonton Eskimos have appeared in 1 NHL championships. They have won 0 times and lost 1 times.
Year Winner Loser
1923 Ottawa Senators Edmonton Eskimos
The Edmonton Eskimos were a professional Canadian football team based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They were a founding member of the Canadian Football League (CFL) and had a storied history that spanned over 70 years. The team was established in 1949 and quickly became one of the most successful franchises in CFL history.

The Eskimos enjoyed a period of dominance during the 1970s and 1980s, winning multiple Grey Cups and becoming one of the most respected teams in the league. They had a strong fan base and played their home games at Commonwealth Stadium, which was known for its passionate and dedicated supporters.

However, in recent years, the team faced some controversy regarding their name, "Eskimos." Some Indigenous groups and individuals considered the term a racial slur and called for the team to change its name. The organization engaged in discussions with these groups and decided to retire the name in 2020, replacing it with the Edmonton Football Team until a new name is chosen.

In 2021, the team officially announced its new name, the Edmonton Elks. The change was made to respect the concerns of Indigenous communities and to promote inclusivity and diversity. The Edmonton Elks continue to carry the legacy of the previous franchise, with a renewed focus on building a strong and united football community in Edmonton.
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